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(Updated on: 7th January 2010)

This is the start of my new travel blog, where I will compile all of my travels here
Previously, I used to blog at sobriquetz-travels but I've decided that it was not a good way to compile all my travelling experiences

so now, welcome to! :)

Why blog?!


This blog serves to provide information for NUS students going on their student exchange programmes (SEP) or any other visitors who want to travel around europe -- especially those on a budget. Students embarking on SEP may have many queries about the countries that they are posted to. I hope to help these students as it can be really scary travelling to an unknown country and to reside there for a few months - worse still, if you are travelling alone. I was lucky that my senior, Teresa, had gone to the same university as me, and she really helped me alot by providing me with all the necessary information!

Another reason to blog will be to share about budget travelling. Travelling seems to be for the privileged, the ones with money to spare and can visit any attractions and buy loads of souvenirs home. many travel websites also suggest places to go which are not really practical for the budget traveller out there. Hence, I hope to share my travelling experiences, some good and some bad.

But who are you?!


I am currently a Year 3 student studying in NUS. I went on the NUS SEP during my year 2 semester 2 (AY 08/09 Sem 2). I was designated to go to Lund University located in Southern Sweden. It was not my first choice, but I am glad with the way things turned out :) I travelled quite alot, both during the school term, and after the school term for about 1 month. In all, I believe that I have visited over 20+ cities in Europe!

Despite extensive travelling, I spent a grand total of S$13,500 for the whole of SEP (from 13 Jan to 1 Jul) only! About S$7,000 was spent on all my travels in total, while S$6,500 were spent in Lund itself. This is no mean feat as Sweden is a really expensive country!

Okkayyyy...Can ask qns anot?
Yup! Feel free to drop me a comment or ask me any questions and I will most certainly be willing to help :) Plus I will definitely reply as fast as possible :) In fact, I have already helped a few NUS students to answer their queries about the exchange programme. Plus I have done an 18 page pdf guide for my NTU friend who is heading for Lund University as well!

well, that's it! and I hope you enjoy reading about all my travels! :)

and do check out my personal blog as well:

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